Final Project

The two topics I chose for my timeline entry were The War of the Worlds radio broadcast and the Transcontinental railroad. The reason I chose The War of the Worlds broadcast is because I have recently watched the movie which is a solid 6/7 out of 10. The radio broadcast took place October 30th, 1938. For this topic, I decided to look at three aspects of the broadcast. One was the “hysteria” that resulted from it. It was a bit disappointing to find out it was a tiny portion of the population as I had always believed it was wider spread. The others were the history of the show and the actual story. I was surprised to learn the story originated from a book. The difference between the book and the radio show was the location as the book is set in UK. As far as history I wanted to see more about the program itself. The thing I found the most interesting is when Welles said he had done it to teach people not to trust everything they hear. Even with the resources we have today this still a huge problem especially since the creation of social media. The construction of the transcontinental railroad lasted for 6 years from 1863-1869. For the transcontinental railroad entry, I tried to touch on a variety of topics. This is because depending on what you are looking at you can study it a from different angles. Some examples of this are impacts on migration, labor, business, American society, or you can look at the construction itself. However, for my entry I decided to talk about the construction, impact on life, and impact on communication.


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