Advertising Infographic

To discuss advertising, I have decided to make my infographic a timeline of sorts. Each section covers a different time period along with the new technologies that shaped marketing. Prior to printing there are a few traces of paintings on buildings and other mediums, but it was mostly word of mouth. Word of mouth is still one of the best marketing tools available. The introduction of the printing press and the creation of Newpapers allowed “marketers” to reach a larger audience than ever before. Newspaper ads were the most prevalent type of ad until the creation of the radio and television. During the 1900s advertisements began to become what we see now. This time period saw the creation of iconic characters such as Tony the Tiger and allowed companies to get their ads out across the country. The creation of the World Wide Web pushed the ability of ads even further. As we know now internet ads are both terrible and abundant. My infographic shows how technology changed the world of advertisements. Every time a piece of technology was created to bring people together, businesses found a way to use them as promotional tools.


History of Advertising 101: What You Need to Know – G2.

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